Sàl - Celtic Connections 2019

Sàl will be performed at Celtic Connections 2019 at The Mitchell Theatre on January 22nd. Tickets/more info here




Collaboration between musician and composer Iain Morrison with visual artists Dalziel + Scullion on a performance to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of The IOLAIRE, on which 205 returning servicemen lost their lives as they approached Stornoway on New Years Eve 1918. Twelve short films have been made to accompany a live performance of the music.

Co-commissioned by An Lanntair, Stornoway and 14-18 NOW: WW1 Centenary Art Commissions


November Shows

Unfortunately I've had to cancel the forthcoming shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh (NOV). To anyone who has boughts tickets etc I send my sincerest apologies. The premiere shows for Sàl take place in Oct and Dec and I'll also be working on a recording of this new writing which should be finished early next year. With that in mind I've decided to rescedule any other shows until the new year. I do hope you understand. Again, huge apologies for cancelling these Nov shows, I don't do that lightly. Ticket refunds will be sent asap over the next couple of days.




New Music

I spent a bit of time last year on the Isle of Mull recording a bag of songs
which have now made their way onto 2 separate releases.

The first is Amusement Arcade, made up of:
1) Amusement Arcade
2) Let's Go Captain
3) Olden
4) Like Wolves
5) Best Damn Clothes
6) Eat Your Kale
This is available on CD and as a digital download.
Available HERE 
The second is 3am, made up of:
1) Walk Lightly
2) Earth and the Dirt
3) 3 a.m.
4) Eona
5) Ludag (The water divides)
This is available as a digital download only.
Available HERE

This group of songs started off as a collection of short stories that I was writing, some
of which have evolved into these songs, others have yet to be finished, some of which
have been shared, some of which have been binned. I may gather them at some point.




I have been asked to write new music to mark the centenary of the Iolaire.
My piece will be called Sàl (Saltwater). I feel deeply honoured to be part of this.
You can find out more info here: