I have been asked to write new music to mark the centenary of the Iolaire.
My piece will be called Sàl (Saltwater). I feel deeply honoured to be part of this.
You can find out more info here:


An Tobar

Started work on a new record.




Aberfeldy Festival

Looking forward to playing at this beautiful festival on Friday 4th November!



Scottish Album of the Year Longlist

Eas has been longlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year and today it is
album of the day on the Say Award website where you can stream the whole
album until midnight.




Dh’ iarr thu orm teine a chuir ris a’ phiob agus rinn mi sin!
Bha mi an uairsin a’ miannachadh gum biodh do chnàmhan a’ bragail san aon doigh,
ach chuir an gaol airson m’athair stad orm.
Agus feumaidh mi a-nis falbh dhan chrìch fhradhairc airson mo theaghlaich a bhiathaidh.
Feumaidh mi falbh, agus càit’ an do thuit a’ chrioch fhradhairc?
‘S dòcha nèamh, air neo ‘s dòcha ifrinn !
Togaidh sinn oirrn’ agus thèid sinn a dh’fhaicinn.
Nì sinn ar dìcheall tilleadh, ‘s dòcha à neamh air neo ged a b’ ann a ifrinn.
Agus airson an fheadhainn eile, feumaidh iadsan a bhi a’ guidheadh,
Gus an ionnsaich iad gu bheil sinn gu lèir mar aon.
Chan e a bhi ceart neo cearr, a bhi ann neo às, math neo dona.
Tha sinn gu lèir mar aon,
Agus air an glùinean feumaidh iad a bhi a’ guidheadh….

You asked me to set fire to the pipes, so I did!
I then wanted your bones to crackle in the same way,
but the love of my father stopped me.
And now I must head to the horizon to feed my family.
I must go, and where shall the horizon fall into?
Heaven maybe, or maybe hell!
We will load up and go and see
We will endeavour to come back, our families need us to return and we will, either from
heaven or even if it is hell.
And as for those others, they will need to beg until they learn that we are all just one.
No right, no wrong, no in or not, no good or bad.
And on their knees they will need to beg….