The new album from Iain is called 'Eas'. Here are a few words about it:

This is his 6th solo album.

It is never easy for a son to follow in the footsteps of a famous father, so Iain Jnr chose not to. He gave up the world of solo piping and went on his own musical journey. But what he was taught in his formative years is deep within him and this album is a definite attempt at some kind of filtering of the music of his hinterland. There is also a story present, sometimes a rocky one, of a father and son's relationship formed through a rich tradition and an art form that is deeply important to their culture and to both of them personally. There is a mixture of all these elements in this album and Iain Morrison is an artist who is following his own path, wherever that may take him.

Each track on 'Eas' is based on 'piobaireachd', the classical music of the highland bagpipes. Piobaireachd also known as 'Ceol Mor' (The Big Music) would have been usually taught using a technique called 'canntaireachd', which is a form of singing. Rather than playing the music on the actual instrument when teaching, you can communicate the subtleties & nuances a lot easier using the voice as an instrument. Iain's father is Iain M. Morrison, one of the world’s leading voices and tutors in the world of piobaireachd. Iain Snr was taught 'Ceol Mor' by the legendary Donald Macleod who also hails from the Isle of Lewis. On track 7 'Too Long in This Condition' you can hear the voice of Donald Macleod and also the canntaireachd of Iain Snr.

Eas is the gaelic word for cascade or waterfall.