'EAS' Reviews

"it’s utterly compelling"

"a gem of a work of art" 9/10

"Nothing can prepare you for the otherworldly vocal harmonies and atmospheric sound of Iain Morrison. A dense folk masterpiece" 
The National

"the album adopts an almost dreamlike atmosphere throughout"  4/5
Northern Sky Magazine

"If the island's land and sea made music it would probably sound a lot like this"
Off the Croft Blog

"tremendously f*cking beautiful in so many dimensions"
Michael Chorney (producer/musician)

"imposing and significantly beguiling album"
Fatea Records

"The album opens with Suibhal (47), perhaps the most austere piece of music Morrison has ever recorded – but also the most bleakly beautiful, as low whistle rises from a level drone, and vocals and guitars repeat and loop around themselves. Past albums were good, but  Morrison’s fully evolved writing here is even better"     
The Herald