New Music

I spent a bit of time last year on the Isle of Mull recording a bag of songs
which have now made their way onto 2 separate releases.

The first is Amusement Arcade, made up of:
1) Amusement Arcade
2) Let's Go Captain
3) Olden
4) Like Wolves
5) Best Damn Clothes
6) Eat Your Kale
This is available on CD and as a digital download.
Available HERE 
The second is 3am, made up of:
1) Walk Lightly
2) Earth and the Dirt
3) 3 a.m.
4) Eona
5) Ludag (The water divides)
This is available as a digital download only.
Available HERE

This group of songs started off as a collection of short stories that I was writing, some
of which have evolved into these songs, others have yet to be finished, some of which
have been shared, some of which have been binned. I may gather them at some point.